A view of your home is available from anywhere in the world with the Asante Voyager I, now sold as part the Voyager Smartbot package, which includes software. This wireless camera will help you build a security system of your own. We are not convinced that most people want a security system to manage on their own. Professional home security services have come way down in price, and they offer lots of other equipment in addition to cameras and then monitor it all for you. Generally, that would be the better option, but this wireless security camera may work well for you if you just want a camera to check in on the kids or something.

This camera stands out because of its impressive maximum resolution – 1280 x 1024 pixels. That's going to offer a very nice picture – nicer than many competitors we reviewed. You will be able to take in a very wide swath and still have crisp, clear picture quality. This camera will even work well in low light. It has six infrared LED lights to make that possible. Its capabilities in total darkness are less impressive, however.

Asante Voyager I records sound in addition to visuals. There is even a port to add external speakers if you want to make two-way audio possible.

You can set this camera to record at specified times or to record only when motion is detected. You will be able to view all footage from most smartphones and any internet-connected device. You are limited to viewing what your camera is pointed at, though. There is no way to pan or tilt this camera to move its focus around a room.

Asante's customer support could be better. Technical support times are limited and the warranty is only for a year. Also, the company's website is not terribly informative. We like that it offers the option of live chat, though.

Asante Voyager Summary:

In spite of its inability to pan and tilt, and its lackluster customer support, the Asante Voyager I is a great camera – mostly due to its high resolution. But even with a great camera on your side, we cannot recommend setting up and monitoring your own wireless camera system. There are professional services that handle monitoring services easily and inexpensively so that you don't have to.


Asante Voyager

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Question 1 of 9

The Asante Voyager I has an impressive maximum resolution for a clear picture.

This camera lacks the ability to pan and tilt.

The Verdict
: 4.43/10

The Asante Voyager I is not the best for night recording, but daytime and low-light images are very clear.