If you need a versatile wireless security camera, the Zmodo CM-I12316GY Night Vision wireless IP camera might be a good fit. It is one of the few units we looked at that you can use indoors or outside, and that is a huge benefit. We cannot fully recommend any camera without a home security monitoring service to go with it, but this camera could be helpful if you are determined to try to implement a home security system on your own.

It's all right there in the name with the Zmodo CM-I12316GY Night Vision Wireless IP Camera. This is one of the few cameras we looked at that really facilitates good-quality recording in low-light conditions. With 36 infrared LEDs, this unit offers you the best chance of usable footage taken at night. If that is a specific need of yours, this camera is definitely worth your consideration. It will not only be able to gather discernible images in low light, but from a pretty impressive distance at that – up to 25 meters. Most other cameras in this price range cannot touch that.

This product also has some notably absent features. You are unable to pan and tilt the camera to take in other views. You cannot zoom in either. Not every situation calls for that functionality, but having the option would be nice. This camera also lacks the ability to record sound along with the video. This is something that most competitors' cameras can do.

You can have multiple people look at the footage you collect with this camera. It's a password-protected feature, of course. This camera will automatically start recording and send you an email alert when it detects motion.

Wireless IP Network Camera Summary:

If you specifically need outdoor recording capabilities, the Zmodo CM-I12316GY Night Vision Wireless IP Camera is worth your consideration. It is also a solid option if you want to be able to get usable footage at night. Most cameras we looked at do not offer either of these capabilities. Even if you need both of those features, we recommend getting your wireless security cameras through a professional monitoring service. That way, you get the right camera and the service to back it up.

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Wireless IP Network Camera CM-I12316GY

The Zmodo CM-I12316GY Night Vision Wireless IP Camera captures usable footage at night.

This camera does not pan or tilt, so you just get one stationary view.

The Verdict:

If you need a camera that you can use inside or outside, this model from Zmodo might be worth a look.